This is a day long adventure packed

with cliff jumping, freediving, and...


My favorite waterfall in Thailand is hidden in a Nat. Park in Chiang Mai


My favorite waterfall in Thailand is hidden in a Nat. Park in Chiang Mai

A Majestic


Jungle trekking and visiting hilltribe villages of Northern Thailand’s Chiang Rai province.
Skimmed the surface of jungle survival on this 10k trek with Bamboo Tours. Make a bamboo selfie stick? No prob. Forage for crunchy cicadas? All over it. Cool down in a sandy bottom waterfall? Race you there.  Our guide and founder of Bamboo Tours, Kwan, is a true Tarzan of the jungle and professional at keeping his guests in one piece.
Best tip of the day was finding citronella plants and rubbing it all over to ward off the jungle mozzies. We dug up bamboo shoots, used banana leafs as sweat rags and watched in anticipation as Boy cut down a banana tree for us so we could have banana flower for lunch. I always assumed to get bananas someone had to climb the tree, but no, they just cut that sh*t down.
The treks give travelers a rare opportunity to visit hill tribe villages and sleep there on overnight trips. We stopped for lunch in a Lisu village and had a feast of healthy and definitely “in season” food cooked on an open fire.  Eating meat is not common for hill tribes because animals are seen as spiritual beings they worship. So many great uses of bamboo in SE Asia but a new one for me was the eggs cooked bamboo.

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Honey, I shrunk the kids in a banana tree jungle. Thai sequel.
The Pai land split is a must see and chill out on bamboo hammocks spot.
Came here twice because we loved it so much the first time and needed to replenish on travel snacks. A spread of mouthwatering mango, roselle (hibiscus) juice, tamarind jam, peanuts and banana chips are given to you by the wonderful owners in exchange for a donation. You can explore their organic farm freely and buy what they grow and produce on site. Amazingly they don’t yet charge tourists who come by daily to check out the fault line created by an earthquake in 2008.
Walking inside the canyon you can’t help but wonder what you’d do if the ground started to shake... Support local farmers and definitely leave these lovely people a donation! 🍌
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