March 8th Da Lat - Vietnam

The night that Kate and Adam met at his residency in 6th Floor bar.  Kate went bouldering the next day.


March 9th Buôn Ma Thuột with Joyce

Kate and Joyce were hostel mates in Đà Lạt. Kate invited Joyce to join her on a motorcycle trip through the mountains and hills with a final destination of Buôn Ma Thuột in Đắk Lắk Province. In this region of Vietnam they are famous for their robusta coffee bean and Kate planned to attend the coffee festival in Buôn Ma Thuột. The duo and their easy riders visited waterfalls, tribal villages, coffee farms, a silkworm factory and more. It was a cultural adventure to remember.

March 14. Đà Lạt - Vietnam (Kate is back)

After some get to know you chats and insta video calls, Adam convinced Kate to take a detour from her travel route AND back track to Da Lat.  They  had more time to get to know each other.  They cruised around on a scooter, went to a coffee plantation, a cool bar called Leon (after the movie The Professional, sooo cool), went to Golden Valley Waterfall and Tuyen Lam lake for sunset.  Then Kate took a night bus to continue her exploration of Vietnam while Adam continued to DJ in Da Lat.

 March 16. Cần Thơ and Vĩnh Long Vietnam (Kate goes to the Mekong)

Kate took an overnight bus to the Mekong Delta region in the South. Her first stop was the city of Cần Thơ. Mekong culture is very unique and Cần Thơ is known for the network of canals and floating markets. Eating delicious phở for breakfast on a boat is an unforgettable experience. Kate took a local bus from Cần Thơ to Vĩnh Long and she visited a ceramics manufacturer and nut candy factory. From Vĩnh Long she took another bus to Châu Doc and then a boat to Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia. The border crossing into Cambodia via boat was relatively cheap, simple and quick.

March 20. Kate Siem Reap Cambodia

Siem Reap is a city in Cambodia, about 6 hours from the capital Phnom Penh. This place is surprisingly charming with artisan shops, cafes and restaurants with western inspired menus. With nice hotels, hip hostels and a vibrant nightlife, Siem Reap can easily entertain for days. It is most known for the 12th century Khmer Temples and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat. Adam first visited Siem Reap on a visa run in January 2019. His Thai visa was about to expire so “visa runs” are usually a quick fun way to get a new stamp. Adam visited the temples at Angkor Wat with a group of adventurous travelers and rode from temple to temple on bicycles. Kate went to Siem Reap after Phnom Penh in March 2019 and spent a few days exploring the city. She opted for the three-day pass to Angkor Wat and got around mainly by tuk tuk.