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Cliff Jumping - Cebu In A Day

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

If you have not watched our Cebu in a day video, you should check it out. It is an entertaining way to get a good feel for how much adventure and culture you can fit in in one day.

We went off the beaten path a bit when we visited Cebu. We opted to stay down in the South West side of Cebu in a town called Malabuyoc. There were not many tourists so we fit right in. It is a quiet town with a lot of local culture and a fun 2 lane road that runs north and south along the coast of Cebu. If you are into Cliff Jumping, which I am in a big way, this is pretty much paradise on Earth. You can hit the best cliff jumping spots on the island with no more than a 45 minute scooter ride. If you plan it perfectly, which I tried to do, you can hit a couple of different spots in one day.

If you are into Cliff Jumping, which I am in a big way, this is pretty much paradise on Earth.”

We started “Cebu In A Day” by heading out fairly early to one of the most sought after waterfalls in Cebu, Inambakan Waterfalls. Pheeeew this place is stunning. Straight out of Nat Geo. I mean for real, all of the videos that you see on YouTube and random movies, this is the gem in the jungle. Teal water that you can see straight through, greenery everywhere, Palm Trees towering over you like skyscrapers and…...yes, some of the dopest jumping spots in the Philippines.

Check out our Cebu video.

Each with their own uniqueness and different ways to enjoy and play in them. All with different jumping spots. The Filipinos have done a great job of building steps on the path and cool sitting areas. I would suggest getting there early so that you can beat the crowds. We got super lucky and were in front of everyone so we got every fall almost to ourselves albeit some really nice locals. We spent about 3 - 4 hours there. We were not in a rush and jumped, swam, selfied, videoed till our heart was content. The drive in and out of the falls is amazing too. The views were absolutely gorgeous, again, Nat Geo style.

After the falls we went to a local spot around the corner called MJ’s. Man, this place was an absolute gem!!! We were the only travelers in there and everyone looked at us like we were lost. Once we got settled in with a cold beer we felt right at home. The owner was playing classic ballad 80’s which he encouraged us, and I freely sang to. The food was amazing and the vibes were great.

We then drove for about an hour and a half North up the coast to Moalboal. It was good to check out for a day. We ended up there in the afternoon on our “Cebu In A Day” adventure. The cool thing about swimming with the sardines is, you don't need a boat or guide. You can just go right off of the beach. It was very crowded when we went but worth the experience. We enjoyed a cold beer sitting along the sea wall that overlooked the ocean post snorkel sesh. We swam with the sardines and chilled out. The sun started going down so we headed south for about 45 minutes to Lambug beach.

This place was super cool, packed with locals grilling out and jamming to Karaoke. The sunset was gorgeous and walking along the white sands was a great way to unwind from an action packed day. Kate and I ate some BBQ on the beach which a mom and daughter were serving up. I had Chicken intestines for the first time which was surprisingly good. If you want to feel closer to our experience, watch the YouTube video, people seem to like it.

We had an amazing day. Below is some detailed information on logistics for anyone interested in having a similar experience in Cebu. ✌🏼🛵💚🍜

The Map

It is interactive so feel free to have a go with it.

Where we stayed

Approx. 1,000 pesos ($19 USD) a night for a bungalow. We stayed at a place called Bamboo Beach house. It was economical, friendly, comfortable and right on the water. It just doesn't get any better than that. The Bamboo Beach Restaurant had great food, traditional and western. The staff was VERY nice and accommodating. Side stories... We rented a bike from them and one morning, we came out and found the back tire was flat. They did not ask any questions, let us take another one for the day and then gave us the original bike back once the tire was repaired. Most importantly, they did not ask us for any money which is not always the case when renting scooters in SE Asia. ALSO, we left one of Kate’s bathing suites there and they were on it right from when I messaged them. We coordinated to have it mailed to Coron and it was there waiting for us a week later when we arrived on the island. We paypaled them the money with a little extra tip for their time and inconvenience, the right thing to do for people that help you out. Finding the post office on Coron was an adventure thanks to the usually dependable Google Maps. We highly recommend staying at Bamboo Beach house when you plan your trip to Malabuyoc.

Getting There

You need to get to the bus terminal in Cebu City. When you are in Cebu City, ask the staff where you stay and they will help you get there. Pretty easy and cheap. There are a bunch of yellow buses in the station. There is air con buses and non-air con bus for a little cheaper. We opted for air con and we advise you to do so. The ride down was 2-3 hours, with stops every 30 minutes or so. Moalboal was the main destination for most of the travelers on the bus. Moalboal is famous for swimming with sardines and diving. It is built up like a SE Asia tourist destination with all of the western restaurants, souvenir shops and hostels.

Pro Tip

You need a guide to get the most out of the waterfalls in Cebu. They really do make the difference with showing where and how to jump and giving you all of the time that you want. The locals also welcome you if you have a guide and there is no awkwardness. There were some people at some of the falls without a guide and they did not seem that comfortable and did not seem to be having a good time. Though they might have been having an off day, having a guide would have made their experience much better. ALSO, YOU MUST TIP YOUR GUIDE. They make literally cents on the dollar for what you pay to get into the waterfall. Most of that goes to the government. So you should def tip them. Kate and I tip according to how much we enjoy the experience and relative to what the entrance cost was. I believe we tipped DoDo 350 pesos for each of us. So 700 pesos all together. These people work hard to keep us safe and ensure we have a good time.


I got a lot of my information from this video. We Wander holds it down in the Philippines. I highly recommend watching his stuff because it is different and has real information and isn’t just click bait glamour videos.

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